广东珠海横琴万象世界启动区景观设计(Hengqing Grand Mixc Exhibition Area)- Lab D+H

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景观设计: Lab D+H
地点: Zhuhai Hengqin Free Trading Zone
建筑面积: 3000 m2
设计时间: 2016.03-2016.12
施工时间: 2016.07-2017.01
Client: Zhuhai CRland
我们提取了葡澳文化中黑白分明的马赛克广场,广东岭南园林的元素并将它们融合改造注入到现代的景观中,形成了独特的设计质感与风格。 葡萄牙马赛克广场经过设计的抽象简化,形成了黑白灰三色的流水广场。流动的语言像是交融的海流,融合逐渐从设计策略转化为形式岭南园林中的假山经过设计的干预,幻化成为一个可以反射周边的不锈钢假山。珠海澳门之间穿梭的游船成为了可以在夜间发光的座椅,而奔涌的海流则成为了座椅上的穿孔图案,而珠海市花杜鹃花则成为了贯穿场地的景观元素。
作为华润集团在横琴新区的第一个项目,他应该是一个文化融合的桥头堡。建筑师设计的穿孔钢板连廊成为了一个有效的突破口。我们设想,为何不将华润集团对于桥接澳门珠海的展望幻化成为一个漂浮在空中,穿孔的山水长卷呢?我们邀请 10 Design 提供了三幅效果图长卷并经过非线性的研究计算形成了40万个穿孔。值得提及的是每一个穿孔经过数据分流都成为了可以完美切割的整数。无数个穿孔形成了一个 58m x 7m 的穿孔幕墙连廊。白天,幕墙成为了一个美丽的画卷。夜色降临,穿孔钢板成为了漂亮的光环,成为横琴新区最亮的一盏灯。可以说幕墙的设计是一个完美的多学科融合的结果。

Mixture. Hengqin Grand Mixc Model House Landscape Design
The Exhibit Area of The Grand Mixc is the flagship project of Crland in Hengqin Free Trading Zone. In this project, we propose a scheme to mix two distinguish culture, Zhuhai and Macau together, and create a totally unique design language. The mixture is not only a design strategy, is also pushed into very detail of the design. The public Space is not only support the urban, it also rebuilds the spirit of this new metropolitan.
Background story: A city with culture diversity
The site is located in Zhuhai Hengqin Free Trade Area. Hengqin is a flourishing city. After 1979, Hengqin become the medium of Zhuhai and Macau by rapid ocean reclamation. Macanese started life here, at meantime enterprises of mainland initiated investments and constructions here. A brand new city was born where Chinese and Portuguese culture collide and mingle. Grand Mixc Model House would be China Resource’s first project in Hengqin. Thus, how to absorb the essence of two cultures to inspire the landscape design is the critical issue of practice.
Landscape design: The marriage of Culture and Modernism
We integrated the highly contrasting black and white mosaic plaza from Portuguese culture and essence of Lingnan Garden into with the modern design, creating unique design quality and style. We abstracted the mosaic plaza into a flowing ink painting. The traditional Lingnan rock garden was interpreted and come to a shiny stainless steel rocky mountain which reflects the surrounding environment. The glowing benches at night reminds people of the barges traveling between Zhuhai and Macau , the billowy waves become the perforated patterns on the bench. Azaleas as the city flower of Zhuhai has been widely used over the site to create the localized identity of the project.

Perforated curtain wall: the blending of multidisciplinary
As China Resource’s first project in Hengqin, it meant to be a culture blending bridgehead. To display CR’s prospect of connecting Zhuhai and Macau, we utilized the perforated panel corridor as a breakthrough and turning it into a floating painting of the project skyline as well as the skyline of Macau and Zhuhai. We invited 10 Design to come up with three perspectives. Based on that, we used parametric design to generate perforated panels with 400,000 holes which are accurately calculated to be easily executed. The countless perforated holes formed a fifty eight meter long and 7 meter tall curtain wall corridor. During day time, the curtain wall become the mirage of the city. When the evening comes, it glitter into a glowing ring, the brightest beacon of Hengqin.

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