江苏省淮安市实联化工水上办公楼(The Building on the Water) - 阿尔瓦罗·西扎

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建筑设计:阿尔瓦罗·西扎(Álvaro Siza)
主要建筑师:Álvaro Siza , Carlos Castanheira
占地面积: 平方米
总建筑面积: 11000 平方米
摄影:Fernando Guerra

实联水上办公楼以纯净的白色清水混凝土精心打造,历时4年设计与兴建完成,为水上两层,总长三百米的流线形体,总面积1.1万平方米。它的几何形体和厂房的功能性矩形量体相互对应。自体的弧线扭转,交替开阖,在水面环绕的特殊氛围中,形成诗意的景观,彷彿盘踞水上的潜龙。桥梁纵横于蜿蜒的几何形状之间,连接起不同的空间与楼层。Álvaro Siza充分运用原水池之环境元素。光与影的投射,水波与倒影所产生的自然变化展现出万种面向。无论从地面、水面或空中的视角,实联水上大楼均以自身优雅而自律的建筑语汇,宁静的表述一个实体轻轻触碰到一个虚体时,所产生的美。

实联集团董事长林伯实说:“Siza大师一贯尊重人文与环境和谐共存的设计概念,将建筑物与水景、工业厂房巧妙融合。这是Álvaro Siza建筑大师在中国的第一件作品,它将带给中国的工业厂区建筑全新的启发,意义非凡。”



From the architect.The inauguration of “The Building On the Water” of the Shihlien Chemical plant in Huai’An City, Jiangsu Province, will be held on August 30, 2014. This will be the first work unveiled in China by celebrated architect and 1992 Pritzker Prize winner Álvaro Siza.

Located in the New Salt Industrial Park of Huai’An City, Jiangsu Province, Shihlien Chemical Industrial Jiangsu Co. is one of the world’s largest combined soda ash and ammonium chloride production plants. The plant covers an area of two square kilometers and employs the world’s most advanced manufacturing processes and technologies.

As early as in 2009, Shihlien Chemical Chairman Por-Shih Lin envisioned creating an office building over the 100,000m2 artificial lake (and water reservoir) of the vast industrial complex. To realize this visionary plan, he invited internationally renowned architect Álvaro Siza to head the design team. The concept was to create a building that would blend seamlessly with the most important element in the manufacturing process of glass, water, at the same time establishing a world-class architectural profile for the Shihlien plant. The building also represents the renowned architect’s first project in China.

Over-water construction was an entirely new venture for Álvaro Siza. The Building On the Water took four years to design and construct. Meticulously built in white exposed concrete, the building’s pristine curvilinear form measures over 300m in length, comprising two levels above water and a total built floor area of approximately 11,000 sqm.

As if evoking a life-like dragon, elegantly poised over water, the contours of this building gently undulates. Contorting itself, the form escapes from convention, an autonomous entity contrasting with the orthogonal shapes of the factory complex. Crisscrossing the curving geometries, bridges interconnect spaces, levels and volumes. The design takes full advantage of its poetic setting and natural light. In constant interplay with the environment – whether it is the changing hues and reflections of the water, or varying tones of light and shadow, the building manifests a multitude of changing complexions. Whether viewed from land, water or air, the elegant building conveys a quiet beauty achieved when the concrete and substantial comes in contact with the fluid and ethereal.

As Shihlien Chemical Chairman Por-Shih Lin puts it: “Mr. Siza has always upheld the design concept of establishing harmony between man and the environment. This building ingeniously blends with the waterscape and plant grounds. As the first project in China by Álvaro Siza, it will be an inspiration for future industrial plant designs in the country and is truly significant for that reason.”

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