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建筑设计:Antonini Schön Zemborain Arquitectos
地点:阿根廷(La Plata, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina)
主持建筑师:ASZ Arquitectos Antonini- Antonini- Fervenza- Hall- Schon
项目团队:Mike Hall, Sergio Antonini, Ariel Rojas, Nicolás Anton
Y-TEC YPF Tecnológica 公司致力于石油天然气技术的研究,发展,生产及销售,该项目的构思充分体现了公司总部作为实验大楼的特点。
因此,大楼设计要符合创新和现代化的标准,公司的Technological Pole 需要能进行一项专业领域中里程碑式的研究,主要景观的设施要求与附近的 La Plata 冶炼厂对应,并位于 Avenue of the Petroleum 大道中轴线。随之而来的条件是,需要对项目进行大量功能需求分析,“下游”和“上游”的实验室与材料实验室及环境分析室横向排列,位于办公区旁边。实验楼的设计标准与实验工厂类似,需要考虑设施特点,体量,安全性,内部空间流通性及从外部进入的流通性。
相较于一些固定构建,例如 AA, 水管,电气和低伏电,另外设计了相对可重新构建的空间模块,例如一些表面。大楼外围铺设若干气体燃料站点,给构架和通风有特殊要求的区域供暖;可通过一个环形车道抵达。
控制室的位置与试验区分离。该区域可以从大楼内部的人行通道抵达,或者从西南方向的 由 Del Petroleo 大道的车道进入,其规划与第一期的停车区域形成正切位置关系。

Structure:Hugo Cheves (Cotto & Cheves)
Sanitary instalation:Juan Beverati (GNBA)
Electric Installation:Marcelo Rizzato (ING. EPSILON)
Thermomechanical Installation:Julio Blasco (Blasco Diez)
Fire Installation:Juan Beverati / Fabian Noya (GNBA)
Installation of Special Gases:Claudio Rivero (SEIBO)
Acoustic:Daniel Ottobre
Lightning:Delia Dubra
Carpentry:Etudio Angeli
Landscaping:Cora Burgin (Grupo Landscape)
Sustainabillity:Andres Schwarz
Hydraulic:Roberto Piazza
Budget:Hugo Bersanker, Arq. Victor D′Angelo

Text description provided by the architects. THE IDEA

The projected idea is the consequence of considering the institutional character of the laboratory building, Headquarters of Y-TEC YPF Tecnológica, whose objectives are the research, development, production and commercialization of technologies for oil and gas.

To this end the building has an entity for its criteria of innovation and modernity that constitute it in a "milestone" of the Technological Pole has requested the research, and therefore the stake in the dominant landscape of the facilities corresponding to the Refinery Of La Plata, that have as an access and axis to the Avenue of the Petroleum. With the consequent expressive conditions the project includes an adequate evaluation of the functional needs where the laboratories of Downstream and Upstream with the transversal Laboratories of Materials, Analytical and Environment, next to the office areas. With a criterion similar to the location of Pilot Plants with their peculiarities, their volume, security, internal accessibility and from the outside.

It is an annular volume generated by the concentric levels that enclose a garden area, which allows the development of an extension of the natural illumination, towards the views of this interior-exterior space and in which the conditions of nature are rescued It surrounds the building, plus contributions of the exterior design, and in which it admits the transit between sectors or the ludic permanence. The two annular levels, which make up the inner park, from the outer perimeter successively of the areas separated by a also concentric circulation, which attends both levels, and which incorporate the connection, space and natural light to the two Sectors, laboratories and offices, areas that are functionally related. One of the salient features of this provision is the possibility of having its own places and comparisons in a spatially generous and flexible environment.

Access to the building from the parking lot is done by a pedestrian walkway that is entered in the volume from the northwest through a semi-covered space of double height that transposes the perimeter to reach "lobby", the place from which Verifies The spatiality of the building, the almost simultaneous presence of the exterior space and the interior of the garden and the relationship that connects the different building sectors: laboratory and office areas, and personnel areas, common equipment surfaces: auditorium, dining room, library

And gym Their respective changing rooms. Space modules such as surfaces are designed for new restructurings in the sectors, which are compared by the writing techniques: AA, liquids, gases, electrical and weak voltages. On the outer perimeter, gas booths have been installed that feed to various sectors of the plant whose construction and ventilation conditions are special; They are accessed by a vehicular circulatory ring.

On the southwest side of the building are located in a linear and tangentially wide of the building, the Pilot Plants and engine workshops, double height locations designed to accommodate the facilities that allow the realization of pilot trials of a "scale bank" prior to Take industrial dimension. Construction and special design conditions are planned.

Control rooms, separate from the experimental area, are incorporated into the same. This sector is reached from the interior of the building pedestrian and by the vehicle, from the Southwest, access from Del Petroleo avenue, tangent to the parking module planned for the first stage.