建筑设计:Wallflower Architecture + Design
设计团队:Robin Tan, Yong Mien Huei, Sean Zheng & Shirley Tan
建筑面积:1006.0 m2
照片版权:Marc Tey Photography
两个分隔的体量由中央的循环核心连接在一起。 体量之间的剩余空间围合成了这个三面的中庭。透明的玻璃升降梯和玻璃围合的楼梯间纵向地连接着住宅的各个部分。住宅的立面覆盖了米黄色和银色的石灰岩,并与黑色的玄武岩饰面形成了鲜明的对比。水平的铝制护栏一方面可以用作防晒,一方面也能为住户的私密性提供保护。
进入地下车库的通道是对外封闭的空间,保证了其私密性。 车库内的石材饰面使其看上去有点像洞穴,但靠近住宅入口时,建筑饰面的纹理就变为光滑的亚光石灰材质。入口的大厅直接通向步入式的大酒窖和一个娱乐游戏室。自然的,入口旁也设置了楼梯通往上层。随着楼梯的上升,视野会不断扩大,但楼梯道使用玻璃围护,让位于中央庭院的赤素馨树成为视觉的焦点。

Structure:Gabriel Goh, GCE Consulting Engineers
M&E:June, PCA Consulting Engineers
QS:Jerry Yow, WS Surveyorship Pte Ltd
Landscape:Daniel Sim, Nyee Phoe Flower Garden Pte Ltd
Copywriters:Yong Mien Huei & Cecil Chee
Text description provided by the architects. Our clients wanted to build their dream house; a house that would be their definitive family home. It had to have an urban presence while having an open yet secure exterior space with sufficient privacy from the street. With a no expense to be spared mandate, the architect was given a large wish-list that included a 6-car garage and a 25m long pool.
The elevated plot sits 4m above the street level and is surrounded by dense residential development. The eventual solution comes from a reconciliation of inherent constraints with opportunities embedded within the site and program. A visually heavy base platform is expressed by slate-covered terraced planters. Two distinct cantilevered volumes form the visible massing and embracing wings of the house which are pushed to the urban set-back limits of the site.

The separated volumes are connected by a central circulation core. A three-sided courtyard is formed from the residual space between the volumes. A glass lift and see-through staircase that winds around the transparent shaft vertically connect the various programmatic elements. The exterior facade is cladded in beige & silver travertine and contrasted with black basalt stone. Horizontal aluminum fins provide sun shading and provide a modicum of privacy from the street and the adjacent properties.
The experience on entry into the subterraneous garage is private and cocooned from the exterior. The stone and materials within the garage are cave-like but the procession to the main entrance further in reveals textural changes in the architectural finishes, revealing smooth honed travertine walls and floors. The entrance foyer leads to a walk-in wine cellar and a large entertainment cum games room. Naturally, the entrance also leads one upwards to the next level, and the views expand outwards and upwards but are focused on the single Frangipani tree floating in the central courtyard.
A vital role of this floating planter in the middle of the swimming pool is that also allows daylight and natural ventilation to the basement garage below. The main living and dining areas are on this first story level. Below are the garage and the entertainment den, where family and friends come together. The second story houses all the bedrooms and a private study. The top floor has an accessible roof deck and garden, providing a boundless, alfresco space that overlooks the surrounding neighborhood and has views of the city in the distance.