希腊帕罗斯岛“迷藏”的双子住宅 (Hide and Seek )- React Architects

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建筑设计:React Architects
地点:Paros, Greece
主持建筑师:Natasha Deliyianni , Yiorgos Spiridonos
建筑面积:320.0 m2
照片版权:George Messaritakis
这个项目的目标是建两栋可以观赏爱琴海和 Kolymphithres 海湾景色的联排住宅。地块选取在小岛的东西轴线上,俯瞰北面的海景。此地常刮起被称为“meltemia”的强烈北风,大风甚至在夏天也会发生。虽然这种风肆虐在岛上,但相对地也在夏天时减缓了天气的炎热。
为了取得观赏爱琴海和 Kolymphithres 海湾景色的开阔视角,住宅空间按东西方向布置在地块的东边。起居空间布置在南边,一条室外过道界定出两栋住宅的分界空间,同时连接了北边的露台和南边的泳池区,房屋的周边精心安排的位置上种着橄榄树。过道的两边都延伸出房屋,构成上几乎像是镜像翻转。每间房间都由看上去连续不断的刷白墙体围合界定,墙体旁边带有蜿蜒的小道。
较矮的墙体交插在两条白色绸带似的高墙之间,创造出一种室内外空间的清晰互动,营造出一种好似居住者、室内空间、内部庭院、开阔露台、天空海洋、阳光阴影一起在玩“捉迷藏”游戏的空间。生动活泼又精心布置的的墙体使人想起 Cycladic 群岛的传统石墙,表现出帕洛斯地貌起伏崎岖的形态。精心设置的墙上开口和遮阳棚阻挡了南面猛烈的阳光和强劲的北风,同时能享受到阳光、通风和风景。
a  Cycladic群岛传统石墙的重构
b 与周围环境,Cycladic的阳光,Meltemia风格,建筑材料的创造性互动,意在创造出被围护但仍开放、零碎但又在同一组织下的空间,令房屋空间可以在封闭和开放、内向和外向、光亮和暗影、光滑和粗糙的质感间转换,令居住者的目光在白色天然石材、不同形状的蓝天和周围的崎岖地形之间流连。

Collaborating Architects:Andreas Androulakakis, Tatiana Tzanavara
Collaborating Architect – Supervision:Yannis Vagias
Civil Engineer:Christos Smyrnis
Mechanical Enginner:Nikos Chrystofyllakis

Text description provided by the architects. The purpose of this project was to design two adjacent houses with a view towards the Aegean and the Kolymphithres Bay in the island of Paros (in the Cyclades). The plot extends on an east-west axis. The views are towards the north and it\'s intense north winds, which persist even during the summertime, and are known as "meltemia". These winds can be ravaging, but equally beneficiary during the hot summer days.

The houses are placed on an east - west axis on the eastern side of the plot so as to gain full perspective of the Aegean and the Kolymphithres Bay. An outdoor corridor defines their in-between space, while connecting the northern terraces and swimming pool area with the southern side of the dwellings, with it\'s carefully dispersed olive trees. The houses develop on either side of the corridor, which acts like an almost-mirror plane within the composition. Each house is defined by a seemingly un-interrupted whitewashed wall which follows a meander-like path. Lower profile stone walls lay tucked in-between these two white ribbons, creating an open dialogue between the indoors and the outdoors. The result is a game of "hide and seek" among the inhabitant, the indoor spaces, the inner yards, the spacious terraces, the sky, the sea, the sun and the shade. This strict yet sensitive composition of walls, reminiscent of the cycladic archetypical wall, makes a statement within the rolling Parian landscape. The openings on the walls as well as the pergolas are carefully placed so as to protect from the intense southern sun and northern winds, while at the same time seizing the benefits of the sun, the wind, and the views.
A serene closure is obtained through the landscape architecture: an artificial mound rich in native plants protects the eastern limit of the plot, and a series of trees defines the perimeter. Mulberry trees inhabit the inner yards.??
In summary, the principles of the composition are as follows:
a. the reinvention of the archetypical cycladic wall
b. the creative dialogue with the environment, the cycladic light, the meltemia, the building materials. A dialogue that creates spaces that are protected yet open, united yet fragmented. A dialogue that gives room for an interchangement of enclosed and open space, introversion and extroversion,?light and shadow, smooth and harsh texture, views of white, natural stone, different shades of blue and the hews of the surrounding landscape.
The embodiment of these principles creates a habitat with a strong identity and a unique footprint on the landscape. A habitat that acts as a remarkable viewing machine and offers a generous and diverse living experience.

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