越南 TTC Elite Ben Tre 幼儿园(TTC Elite Ben Tre Kindergarten )- KIENTRUC O

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建筑面积:1491.0 m2
照片版权:Hiroyuki Oki
环境始终是建筑创作过程中非常重要的影响因素之一。在充分考虑环境因素的基础上建成的建筑将对其所处的环境产生积极的影响和贡献。越南槟椥 TTC Elite Ben Tre 幼儿园就是这样一个项目,它营造出安和宁静的氛围,将人、自然和槟椥当地深厚的文化融为一体。项目所在的半岛气候温和,是美丽的翠龙河形成的冲积平原之一。
在这个多功能大厅中有一个大型的景观游乐场,敞开式的格局让空间与其他部分紧密相连,是孩子们和父母亲全天候互动游戏和交流的理想之地。槟椥是湄公河三角洲内一个相对平坦的区域。山丘的建筑形象为城市带来了更多的起伏变化,十分新颖。场地西侧面向 Trúc Giang 湖,因此建筑从西向东逐渐起坡抬升,并在坡的顶部置入方形体量。这种处理场地的方式改变了现有的一成不变的城市结构,让幼儿园的氛围更加活泼。周围的居民和山坡上玩耍的孩子之间也能产生视觉交流。可以说,建筑不仅很好地对自然敞开,也巧妙地融入到了社区内部。

Lead Architects:KIENTRUC O
Design Team:An-Ni Lê, Vi?t Nguy?n, Ph??ng ?oàn, Duy T?ng, Dan H?, Tài Nguy?n, Giang Lê

Text description provided by the architects. We always have a strong regard for context as an important influencer in the process of building creation, and that in return, a built project will have an impactful contribution to the built environment it inhabits. The peaceful atmosphere realized at TTC Elite Ben Tre kindergarten is a positive contribution to the value of architecture integrating people, nature, and the generous culture of Ben Tre. Bao peninsula is characterized by a temperate climate, and is one of the alluvial plain of the beautiful Cuu Long River.
To endorse the sublime beauty of this land, we implement principles from traditional Vietnamese architectural language, which typically consist of an open plan clearly delineated by horizontal planes in its section to infuse the architecture into a larger ecological context. The forming of such spaces hints toward the implications of what and how a children-oriented educational campus should be. Children should easily have the freedom to express, explore and learn in a playful environment that bring out the best in them.
In figurative sense, the kindergarten comparts of two separate masses, a sloping hill form and a geometrical mass situates above the hill, offering flexible spaces for physical and artistic activities with an unending field of view of the city. The spaces below, namely “the hill”, serve as classrooms linked by a large multi-purpose hall is a central component of the kindergarten, allowing various educational activities to take place both on a daily basis, and on special occasions.
Within this versatile space is a large landscape playground that pleasantly open up to the elements creating an ideal place for parents and kids to interact with each other throughout the day. Ben Tre is a relatively flat region within the Cuu Long delta. In its immediate context, the image of the hill offers a refreshing architectural aesthetic for the city. As it faces the Truc Giang lake, the campus gradually alters the city’s existing urban fabric by sloping upward toward the rectangular mass, establishing a lively visual connection between the local residents and the kids playing on the hill.
In its presence, the hill is the corner stone that help found the architectural identity of the school. It was conceived as a place that juggle the senses and tickle the curiosity inside each kids, leaving them wondering and anticipating of what excitement is awaiting them beyond the hill.

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