reTHINKING竞赛:西班牙伊维萨岛艺术家之家设计竞赛(IBIZA ARTIST HOUSE)

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  • 报名时间:2018年03月26日 20:00 - 2018年07月08日 20:00
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  • 作品提交:2018年07月08日 20:00
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We are very happy to announce that for the 3rd time, MArch Valencia has relied on reTHINKING competitions to organize a competition where, in addition to the prizes, a scholarship is awarded for one of its Architecture programs. Thanks to that we have just launched the new contest# 016 Ibiza Artist House.
Site - Te pirate Tower
The pirate tower, in Ibiza, is one of the most famous defensive constructions on the island, which every year attracts hundreds of tourists who want to visit the well-known defense tower. Its true name is the Torre de Es Savinar or Cap d’es Jueu, and it is the highest tower in Ibiza, although its main attraction is that from the top of the tower you can enjoy a unique view of the islet of Es Vedrà and It is Vedranell, and you can even see the massif of Montgó de Denia on the clearest days.

Being a defensive construction, the area has cliffs, areas with a softer slope and last areas in direct contact with the sea in its lower part, exactly the lower bay. That is why the place of intervention to develop the proposal will be totally free where the contestant must choose how to settle their architecture and get the most out of the place by choosing what kind of strategy to follow.

It is the fact that this place is one of the most inspiring that we can find on the island, the reason why it has been decided that it is an ideal point to develop a home conceived as a space of relaxation, of inner peace where culture, passion, art can flow thanks to the architecture that is proposed. Being a point of visual, musical or physical creation for an artist (architect, musician, poet, painter, ..). The proposal can be conceived as an occasional refuge-house or as a permanent home for its inhabitant. That is why the contestant will decide on the one hand the profession of his tenant, then decide the exact location of the house and finally the program, taking into account that they must develop at least the following spaces: 1 room - studio - living room - dining room, 1 viewpoint, 1 bathroom

Fran Silvestre Navarro (Fran Silvestre arquitectos) 
Chang Kyu Lee (GEBDESIGN Architecture) 
Sara Galante (Ganadora Concurso #014 Sahara Eco House) 
Carmen Moreno Álvarez, Architect

PRIZES - 5000 Euros
2000 Euro Grant for the International Master’s degree MArch
First prize 1.500 € 
3 Accésits: 3 x 500 €
+10 Honourable Mentions

march 26TH _Early Registration starts
Juny 08TH_ Submission deadline 
JULY 2018 Winners announcement

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