美国堪萨斯大学DeBruce中心(The University of Kansas DeBruce Center) - Gould Evans

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建筑设计: Gould Evans
地点: 1647 Naismith Dr, Lawrence, KS 66044, United States
建筑面积: 4459平方米(48000.0 ft2)
完工时间: 2016
照片版权: Steve Hall 


赐予这座大学的规则原件成为了这座新建的有着1200万美元投资和32000平方英尺的篮球运动设施建筑的催化剂。DeBruce中心不仅仅是一个平时比赛的场所,对一所大学而言,也需要能够在整个学年给校园内的学生提供更多的休息空间。Gould Evans对此的回应是这样一个设计,将两种完全不同的空间活动结合到一起——一个基于规则的概念以及学生休息室的解说中心——让篮球的故事在多尺度和多种受众展开。


这座建筑包括了两个主要体量:一座三层的透明棱镜,其中展览空间和人行道优美地悬浮起来,另一座是单层的连接体,;连接了该建筑和历史性的 Allen Fieldhouse竞技场——詹姆斯·奈史密斯完善规则的地方。在这座连接体内部,最初的451个字的原件被铭刻在多孔玻璃上,其中包括了超过45000字的补充规则,让来访者身临其境般体验到超过125年的篮球进化史。



项目介绍. 一座铝包桥将最初的篮球规则原件铭刻在其上,并且成为了通向Allen Fieldhouse的连接体。篮球当代规则的章节被镌刻在铝制的盘子上,451个字的历史原件和45,000多字的现在对于篮球的定义呈现在一起。这种并置给了来访者一种独一无二的体验方式,能感受到这座比赛在过去125年多的岁月中是如何演变的。


Project Designers: Tony Rohr, Design Principal; Sean Zaudke, Architect; Jonathan Holley, Architect
Manufacturers: Novum Structures, Zahner
Mechanical Engineer: Henderson Engineering, Lenexa, KS
Structural Engineer: Bob D. Campbell + Company, Inc., Structural Engineers, Kansas City, MO
Civil Engineer: Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A., Lawrence, KS
Geotechnical Engineer: GeoSource, LLC, Topeka, KS
Exhibit Consultant: Ralph Applebaum Associates, New York, NY
Food Service: Robert Rippe + Associates, Inc, Minneapolis, MN
Building Science Consultant: Building Science Corporation, Westford, MA
Structural Glazing Consultant: Novum Structures, LLC
Acoustic Consultant: Acoustical Design Kubicki, Shawnee, KS
Code Consultant: FP+C Consultants, Inc., Kansas City, MO
Construction Mangaer: Marlan Construction, Lawrence, KS

 From the architect. A unique hybrid of museum and student commons, the new DeBruce Center at the University of Kansas creates a permanent home for the historic two-page document on which, in 1891, James Naismith outlined The Original 13 “Rules of Basket Ball.”
Gifted to the University, The Rules document became a catalyst for a new $12 million, 32,000 sf facility. The DeBruce Center needed to be more than just a game day attraction, however, as the University desired a building that would provide more student commons space to serve its campus throughout the academic year. Gould Evans responded with a design that weaves together the two distinct programs – an interpretive center built around the concept of The Rules, and a student commons – allowing the story of basketball to unfold at multiple scales and to multiple audiences.
Using The Rules document as a point of departure, the architecture focuses on the creation of an immersive experience to tell the story of the University’s role in the development of the game. Program is arranged along a linear pathway that winds through the open interior, connecting the story of The Rules and all building program - including a 200-seat dining commons for students and visitors, nutrition center for the men’s and women’s basketball teams, coffee shop, museum store and exhibits.
The building consists of two main volumes: a three-story transparent prism within which exhibit and path are delicately suspended, and a single-story bridge connecting the building to the historic Allen Fieldhouse arena where James Naismith perfected the game. Within this bridge, the original 451-word document is enshrined by a perforated scrim containing the more than 45,000 words that make up the contemporary rules of the game, offering visitors a way to physically experience basketball’s evolution over 125 years.
A refined material palette of structural glass and honed black concrete highlights pedestrian movement within a transparent and overlapping building program. This spectacle of social activity breathes life into what might otherwise be a very traditional museum experience. Aluminum provides a substrate for marrying architecture and museum content – a continuous aluminum ramp weaves together exhibit content while perforated aluminum scrim walls wrapping the space where The Rules document is housed pay homage to its author and other significant figures in the history of the sport.
Open since May 2016, the building is making a significant impact on the University by bringing student traffic to a growing quadrant of campus, acting as a primary attraction for prospective students and athletic recruits, drawing visitors from across the country, and strengthening its pride and sense of identity as “the cradle of basketball.”
Product Description.An aluminum-clad bridge enshrines the original Rules of Basketball document and connects to Allen Fieldhouse. Excerpts from the contemporary rules of basketball are engraved in the aluminum plate, wrapping the 451-word historical document in the more than 45,000 words that define the game today. This juxtaposition gives visitors a unique way to experience how the game has evolved over the past 125 years.
Likewise, the area between the exterior scrim and the building is a new “pocket park” where students and basketball fans can gather. The wheat pattern on the scrim references the KU Basketball fan tradition of “the waving of the wheat” during games.

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