美国科罗拉多州某阳光峡谷住宅(Sunshine Canyon House) - Renée del Gaudio

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建筑设计: Renée del Gaudio
地点: 美国,科罗拉多州,博尔德(Boulder, CO, United States)
建筑面积: 256.4平方米(2760.0 ft2)
完工时间: 2013
照片版权: David Lauer
阳光峡谷是为一个四口之家设计的房子,位于高出博尔德地坪8km的峡谷山坡上。场地上原先是一个小木屋,被茂密的松树和冷杉树林包围着。 2010年,绵延四英里的峡谷火灾破坏了这块领地,烧毁了小屋和4.5亩一直延伸到山脚的百年老树。当灰烬沉降,剩下的是裸露的花岗岩层,陡坡,和新生的广阔景观。这块贫瘠的土地充分代表着博尔德在世纪之交这段时期内广袤的景观。重新发掘那个时期的建筑语汇——特别是该地区的采矿和农业遗产——为设计提供了必要灵感。尽管建筑的坡屋顶形式和乡土材料的使用呼应了该地区的早期本土语汇,但设计仍寻求建立自己的语言——以期能反映聚焦当前的文脉和地理位置。
房子阶梯般的形式呼应着场地凹凸不平的特点。在一块突出的花岗岩层上建立了基准面,并通过一条钢结构步道将建筑与景观联系在一起。建筑结构被插入到旁边的山坡上,使得建筑在视觉上沿着自然地形层层跌落。两个线性的空间体量—— 一个包含家庭起居空间,另一个包含卧室——被堆叠并以一定角度旋转放置,以优化太阳能摄入,并从每个房间捕获不一样的风景。悬挑的形式使得在其下方形成一片阴凉私密的空间,在上方则形成了充满阳光的起居空间。

  From the architect. The Sunshine Canyon house, designed for a family of four, is located on a high alpine hillside in a rocky canyon five miles above Boulder. A small cabin, surrounded by a dense forest of pine and fir trees, once occupied the site. In 2010, the Four Mile Canyon fire ravaged this property, burning the cabin and 4.5 acres of 100 year-old trees to the ground. When the ash had settled, what remained were granite outcrops, steep slopes, and newly revealed expansive vistas. The barren site eerily resembled the treeless landscape of Boulder at the turn of the century.Rediscovering the architectural language of that era―particularly the region’s mining and agricultural heritage―provided the necessary design inspiration. While the home’s gabled roof form and rustic materials recall the area’s early vernacular, the design seeks to establish a language of its own―reflective of and specific to its current context and geographic location.
The stepped form of the house provides a counterbalance to the site’s rugged features. A prominent granite outcropping establishes the datum and links the home to the landscape via a steel footbridge. The structure is inserted into the adjacent hillside allowing the home to visually cascade down the site’s natural contours. Two linear volumes―one containing family living space, the other bedrooms―are stacked and rotated to optimize solar access and to capture different views from each room. The cantilevered forms create shady, protected spaces below and sun-filled living spaces above.
Exposed beams (with 85% recycled content), rusted steel cladding, and industrial-size barn doors visually link the home to the community’s rural roots, but principally serve to create a fire- resistant, maintenance- free structure.
A 3.5kW photo-voltaic array, combined with high efficiency electric appliances and LED lighting, produce an average monthly electric bill of $9. Closed and open cell foam insulation, double and triple pane windows with low-e glass, and rolling barn door shutters keep the house cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Heating is provided with a 96% efficiency boiler, hydronic radiant floor tubing, and a high efficiency wood burning stove. A light, open plan, with few walls allows daylight and breezes to naturally filter through all sides of the home.

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