印尼西雅加达 Kampono 住宅(Kampono House )- RAW Architecture

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建筑设计:RAW Architecture
地点:印尼,西雅加达(West Jakarta, Indonesia)
主持建筑师:Realrich Sjarief
建筑面积:500.0 m2
照片版权:Eric Dinardi
来自建筑事务所的描述。Kampono住宅位于格林区Bumi Serpong Damai的丹格朗,建筑位于街区的角落,面向西面和南面。总面积为319平方米,地块呈圆形。建筑师通过圆形体量,运用建筑室内外空间的轴线和曲率线,最大限度地激发景观和土地使用潜力。从外面来看,建筑显示出由内外向的趋势,整齐地把住宅保持完整,让家庭活动与私人行为都具有完整的使用空间。建筑师在设计过程中充分考虑了场地的朝向,从而最大化地利用了周边景观。建筑正立面有通高两层的窗户,面向西南,这里有2棵现存的合欢树。设计策略以流动为主,根据周边环境与地形特征,最终形成现有的形态,整个建筑就像一只美妙的芭蕾舞曲,这个设计灵感来自于Adhisty的太太,她是一名芭蕾舞演员。





Kampono 住宅位于印度尼西亚的Bumi Serpong Damai Tangerang,这里处于热带区域,该项目则是在热带气候中利用圆形开放平面来设计外部造型与内部流线的一个优秀案例。

General Contractor :Singgih Suryanto
Supervisor in charge :Sudjatmiko
Construction Manager:Yudi Atang
Structure Engineer :John Djuhaedi and associates
Master Carpenter :Syarifuddin Pudin
Master Steelwelder :Tata las
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer:Bambang Priyono, Andi, Karim and Hamim
Plans and Illustrations :Septrio Effendi, Hadrian Halim, Yuki Fadillah.

From the architect. Located in The Green Precinct, Bumi Serpong Damai, Tangerang, Kampono House sited on the corner of the complex facing west and south. Its total area is 319 sqm, and having land shaped round. The design use this existing situation to emphasize land potential of scenery and continuous attributes by juxtapositioning axial line and curvature lines, both in interior and exterior part. From outside, the house shows its extrovertness while from inside, neatly put dwelling program kept family activities intact and still private. Land orientation influence design process as opportunity to maximize lighting reception and vistas. Double height window standing still upfront side that facing Southwest, which shaded by 2 existing Albizia Chinensis trees. The design process changes in a flow/continuous manner into final shape following its ground and scenery, as to resemble a dancing house, which were inspired from Mrs. Adhisty profession as ballerina.

Entering the house, an open plan living room welcomed inhabitants and visitors. The ground floor ceiling is extended to maximize its spaciousness by height of 4 meter. On top of the living room, airflow mechanism is consisted in air stacking effect, -a lightwell, with size of 180x180 cm and periphery opening as cross air circulation. Swimming pool is located on second floor to guard user\'s privacy, this position is achieved by raising the level of ground for about 2 m above, with land cut-and-fill method. Its positioned below curvature roof and having outmost scenery of entire neighborhood.

Roof garden is placed at the rooftop to insulate the building from heat. This space also serves as relaxing place for immediate garden party. Below on the first floor, there are 3 bedroom beside central stair. Two bedroom is designed in 18 sqm for children, adjoining to terrace from curvature component. The master bedroom have bigger area of 30 sqm, with walk-through closet for clothes and powder area, adjoining master study, and facing directly to swimming pool.

The ballete floor is placed on the same floor between master and kids room. This space is also works as second living room for family. The service floor and wet kitchen is located in semi-basement floor, along with utilities as genset and wáter pump.

Material used in the house consisted of local cream Tulungagung marble, solid merbau wood, and steel pipe for handrailing. For handrailing, it is designed vertically placed each in 80 mm distance, put horizontally for kids safety. It used local ceramic for service floor, and coated bare concrete for outdoor finishes.

Kampono House is one example of project which exercise the modification of form and program with open plan circulation, in the tropical climate of Bumi Serpong Damai Tangerang, Indonesia.

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